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Code(Cayman)’s programmes and events help fuel an engaged and active local tech ecosystem and enhance the growth of the Cayman tech community in preparation for the opportunities of the future.


To generate enthusiasm for technology and tech careers by running an active calendar of engaging tech programs and events. We will ensure that all Cayman residents have access to vital tech skills and that the emerging Cayman tech community has the training and capacity to flourish in the tech driven world of tomorrow.

Computer Class
Working with laptops



Code(Cayman) is a local support network that stimulates enthusiasm for technology and careers in the technology industry. We are a community organisation that enhances the local technology ecosystem by providing open learning opportunities that strengthen the local knowledge base and that ensure technology skills are accessible to all residents. We strongly believe that technology skills are the great equalizer, and that it is now possible for anyone to learn, build, test and deliver on a global scale. Through our programmes, Code(Cayman) aims to help build the local technology workforce and to foster the growth of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology start-ups.

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