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6 weeks | 3-4 Hours per week

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Introduction to Programming

We.Code(Cayman) is a free learning and support network dedicated to empowering Cayman residents who are interested in technology (all are welcome). The goal of this program is to provide an introduction to computer programming course in a friendly and non-intimatiting setting. Throughout the program we will explore possible programming paths and show that developing software is only an idea away. We work hard to foster fostering avenues for everyone to develop tech skills and access opportunities.

Prerequisite Knowledge

In order to succeed in this program, participants will need access to a laptop and experience using a web browser, able to perform a Google search, basic understanding of how to create, edit and save files, familiarity installing basic software (such as Microsoft Office) and (most importantly) the determination to learn a new skill.

Week 1

Discover Technology

Week 2

Building Our First Program - HELLO WORLD;

Week 3

Intro to User Interface (HTML & CSS) - alert('Hello World')

Week 4

Intro to Javascript - Making stuff do stuff

Week 5

Talking to the Internet - How to send and recieve data

Week 6

Bringing it all together - Turning your idea into a reality

George Blake

Program Mentor